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Pop-up Maker Dialog Box

This window appears when you want to create a new pop-up window or edit an existing one.

Interactive Image Creator - Pop-up Maker Dialog Box
  1. Allows you to add text to your pop-up window.
  2. Allows you to add images (JPG, PNG, GIF) to your pop-up window.
  3. Specifies the position of the pop-up box relative to the mouse pointer.
  4. Specifies whether or not to use the default horizontal and vertical offset values.
  5. The horizontal distance between the mouse pointer and the pop-up alignment point.
  6. The vertical distance between the mouse pointer and the pop-up alignment point.
  7. Specifies the pop-up style.
  8. Specifies whether the pop-up box is modal or non-modal.
  9. Specifies whether the pop-up box has a Close button.
  10. Specifies the background fill color.
  11. Specifies the radius of the corners.
  12. Specifies the strength of the shadow effect.
  13. Specifies the border color.
  14. Specifies the border thickness.
  15. Specifies the color of the Close button.


Edit Options

The following options appear when you select an element:

Interactive Image Creator - Edit Buttons
1.  Bring Forward Moves the selected element up one level.
2.  Send Backward Moves the selected element down one level.
3.  Delete Deletes the selected element.
4.  Text Format Specifies the text format (for text elements).
5.  Link Specifies the URL of the document to load when users click on the selected element.
6.  Window Specifies the target browser window for the link.
Depending on the selected element, only some of the options will be available.