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The FLDraw 3.20 package contains the following:
  • plugin
    • files
      • main (Editor, viewer and XML files)
        • editor.swf (Editor)
        • viewer.swf (Viewer)
        • config.xml (Configuration data)
        • library.xml (Library structure)
      • objects (Objects and patterns)
        • 101.swf
        • 102.swf
        • ...
      • other
        • language.xml (Language file)

    • samples
      • server_side
        • php (Server-side script in PHP)
        • test (HTML file for testing server-side scripts)
      • client_side
        • simplest_method (Embedding FLDraw in a web page)
        • using_flashvars (Using FlashVars to pass the initialization parameters to the Flash object)
        • full_browser_size (Full browser size)
        • flash_player_detection (Flash Player detection using SWFObject)
        • flash_player_detection_and_full_browser_size (Flash Player detection, and full browser size)
        • flash_player_detection_and_url_parameters (Flash Player detection, and passing the URL parameters to the Flash object)
        • flash_player_detection_and_save_before_exit_warning (Flash Player detection, and save-before-exit warning, Internet Explorer only)
        • javascript_interaction (JavaScript interaction)
      • add_on
        • simple_module (Registering the add-on module)
        • tracing_events (Registering the add-on module, and tracing events)
        • using_addonmanager (Registering the add-on module, and using properties, methods, action events, and layers)

    • readme.html (Package contents)
    • license_agreement.txt (License Agreement)