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Customize the Color Scheme

You can change the default color scheme to match FLDraw to your company's color scheme.

To change the default color scheme, open the config.xml file in a text editor,
and change the value of the toolbar_border_color, window_border_color, window_title_bar_color, and window_title_text_color tags,
then save the file.

See also Configuration.


Customize Text Strings

Nearly every text string in the FLDraw user interface can be changed.

To customize text strings, do the following:

  1. Locate the language.xml file in the package (in the fldraw/files/other folder), and copy it to the folder containing the config.xml file.
  2. Change the value of the language_file tag inside the config.xml file to point to the new language file,
    like this: <language_file>language.xml</language_file>.
  3. Open the language.xml file in a text editor,
    and change the tag values that you want (<tag_name>editable tag value</tag_name>),
    then save the file.
To change the Objects Library window elements' names (categories and objects), open the library.xml file in a text editor,
and change the title values that you want (title="editable title value"), then save the file.


"_" Prefix

Inside the language.xml file, all tooltip-text nodes have a "_" prefix in their names.


[p], [p1], and [p2] Symbols

Inside the language.xml file, the [p], [p1], and [p2] symbols are placeholders for the dynamic content,
for example in <title>Object Properties ([p])</title>, the [p] symbol is a placeholder for the name of the object.