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FLDraw Floor Plan Software is a powerful yet simple tool that enables you to easily create interactive floor plans, or add interactivity to your existing floor plans (JPG, PNG or GIF files).
Also you can use it to add interactivity to other documents, like maps, images, ... .
The plan files published by FLDraw are HTML5 based and can be viewed on most modern browsers including those of smart-phones and tablets.
This user guide is an introduction to the basic use of FLDraw Floor Plan Software.

Uses for FLDraw Floor Plan Software:
  • Drawing Floor Plans
  • Interior Design
  • Home Design
  • Architectural Designs
  • And More... .

System Requirements

Editor (desktop edition)

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10

Viewer (for your website visitors)

Most modern browsers, including:
Chrome, Firefox, IE 9, IE 10, IE 11, Opera, Safari, Mobile Safari, IE Mobile, and more...